Mt. Trumpmore

Mt. Trumpmore

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Conservative News and Society: Viewer's Response to Woman's March Rhetoric

I voted for Donald John Trump as my 45th President and I'll vote for him in 2020.  Why?

Although lots of people, particularly those of the political left, regard him as unacceptable as our now current President, he won because enough people in enough of our states did elect him.

This means one thing: the women, all of the women participating in the women's march today, and the men who have joined them - not one of them nor all of them collectively speak for all of the American people.

They also do not speak for all of the women in the United States.  Donald J. Trump could not have been elected by men alone.  Many women nationwide did vote for him as well.

I watched and listened Naomi Judd throw her weight around and proclaim herself as a nasty women.

Ironically, she inspired me to create this blog and title it as Nasty Conservative Power.   Another speaker who spoke before her talk about being raped and that the rape had created inside her soul a fire burning.

She then challenged all those who shared her fire inside themselves to use that fire inside themselves.  She asked them: "What will you do with your fire?"

Very impressive speech.

Guess what?

We conservatives have fires inside ourselves too.  And guess what?  We already used our fires when we voted for Donald Trump.

The leftist women in this country who refuse to accept Donald J. Trump as their president fail to consider a further truth?  He's the official President of the United States and he's the President of those of us who voted for him.

We elected him.  And our voices and our votes have counted.

And this new speaker to that march, this physically attractive African-American woman who's still speaking as I write this post said that: "America cannot be great with me and you.."

I got news for her,"Woman, women of this march, American can and will be great again with or without you because there are enough of us with him, with President Donald J. Trump, to do make America great again."

And regarding Michael Moore's speech earlier on, I listened to him very closely.  He insisted, he admonished the women there in that march to get active politically.  He admonished them to call the Congress and clog up the phone lines.

He wants to prevent President Trump from fulfilling his promise to us that American will be made great again.

Guess what, Michael Moore, we Conservatives too can do the same to cancel out those whom you admonished to block President Trump.

What will enable Moore, and those speakers to succeed in blocking Trump?  Easy question to answer!

All that it will take for Michael Moore, and Planned Parenthood, and nasty woman Naomi Judd, and other speakers to successfully block Trump from effectively ruling our great America and making her great again - is that we Conservatives Do Nothing;.

That we conservative Americans not call Congress daily as a matter of routine. It will help their side that we conservatives ourselves do nothing with our inner fires.

If the opposing side who showed themselves so passionately in that Women's March have fires inside themselves and are so determined to block Trump and make our votes mean nothing, then we have to have our fires burn even hotter than theirs.

And we have to use these super hot fires inside us to block them from blocking our President and from blocking us.

These women and these leftist activists of that march are there to block Trump, it ain't President whom they block.
They're there to block us Trump voters and Trump supporters.

We Trump voters, we conservatives -- we can and will fight too to block the political left from being able to block all of us; we will block the leftists from blocking our votes from meaning anything.

Our votes for Trump count and we will follow up on our Trump votes.

Our voting is not over! We're not done voting and every time we act to support Trump and struggle for Trump to make our land great again and make sure that we're not forgotten again - each of  those acts - are a vote.

We won't let the Women's March activists block Trump from making us count in America.

We Trump voters are not done voting and we will not stop voting.

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